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Pet Gear, Equipment and Accessories – From Our Editor

Whether you’ve just adopted a brand new puppy or have had your pet for a long time, there’s all sorts of pet gear available to make both your pet’s life (and yours) more enjoyable.

We have pet gear reviews and recommendations from everything from the basics like dog and cat beds, nutritional food, bowls, collars, leashes and harnesses, to more adventuresome dog and cat accessories like vests, backpacks, agility equipment, bike tow leashes and tons of other outdoor dog equipment to make your adventure with your dog fun and easy.

Are you training your dog to behave better? Check out some dog training equipment reviews like our washable dog pads, indoor dog toilets, belly bands, stain and odor removers, bell systems, and dog treats! Need a training collar? Look at our best dog training collars or top selling harnesses and leashes.

Looking to travel with your dog or cat? Check out some of our tips and advice on pet gear for your  car, bike, or even accessories for traveling on an airplane with your four-legged friend.

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