Top 5 Movie Hero Dogs and Why We Love Them

When watching a movie or TV show it’s hard to keep your eyes from going to the adorable dog on the screen even if they’re not the focus of the scene. Dogs have a way of capturing our hearts and our attention. While all dogs are hard to take your eyes off of, these top 5 movie hero dogs are dogs we’ll never forget.


Lassie, to no surprise, is at the top of the list. Everyone knows her name and beautiful face, but more importantly, they remember her unyielding bravery. She stole our hearts as she swooped in to save Timmy from danger time and time again. Her heart overflowed with love, and her bravery and selflessness made her a true iconic hero that both inspired us and made us love dogs even more. Trivia: “Lassie” was actually a laddie in real life.

Old Yeller

No one will ever forget Old Yeller or the tears we cried for him. His bravery was the stuff of legend as he took on threats that were far bigger and tougher than he appeared to be. However, time after time he protected his family, even when the price was his own safety and well-being. The love and bravery he showed and the sacrifice he made will make him a hero forever.


While Dodger is a scoundrel and thief in Oliver and Company he’s a hero to Oliver, protecting him and looking out for the innocent, and sometimes naive, cat. He’s loyal to Fagin, the man who gave him a place to call home, willing to risk his safety to protect him when things turn dark. He might pretend to be a tough guy, but we see right through the outer shell to the heart of gold within.


He might play a superhero on TV, but he turns out to be a hero in real life as well. While he doesn’t have laser eyes and chase down bombs, he’s extremely loyal to Penny, always in protective mode when she’s around. He braves smoke and flames to save her, staying by her side even when she urges him to leave for his own safety. Dog really is man’s best friend, and Bolt’s loyalty is nothing short of heroic.

Pongo and Perdita

The 101 Dalmatians showcased the love of parents and what they’re willing to do for their children. Pongo and Perdita brave the elements and a psychotic madwoman to get their kids back safe and sound, demonstrating the power of love and what it enables us to do, even when the odds are stacked against us.

These dogs showcase the very best love and loyalty has to offer, braving unspeakable odds with no regard for themselves. They are truly heroes and have touched our lives in ways we’ll never forget.



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