The Best Travel Friendly Dog Breeds

If you are someone who travels a lot by plane, picking the right dog companion will make for a smooth trip. The best travel friendly dog breeds to fly with are the ones that can fit into a small carrier and ride in the cabin area with you. Weight and the size of the dogs are restricted, so the best travel companions are smaller dogs with good temperaments.

Larger dogs will have to fly in the cargo area and are not a good choice when flying, because they ride alone. Below are the top best travel friendly dog breeds and includes a Chartreux cat that is well suited for traveling.


6 Best Travel Friendly Dog Breeds

  1. Miniature Poodle is well suited for travel. Because of their high intelligence they will learn the ropes quickly when traveling with you. They are the perfect size for airline travel with a maximum height of 15 inches and weighing under 18 lbs. Known as a peaceful breed and easy to get along with while coming in a variety of colors. 
  2.  Chihuahua is one of the smallest breeds making them perfect for air travel weighing a maximum of 6 lbs. and are no taller than 9 inches. They can easily fit into a carrier and don’t need much exercise. Chihuahuas are known as entertaining dogs with great personalities.
  3. Miniature Schnauzers are known as good travelers and are alert, obedient dogs. With a top weight of 15 lbs. and maximum height of 14 inches this is perfect for carrying on to the plane. They are also smart, curious and tolerate heat and cold for short periods of time. Easy to train, so they will learn the routine of traveling fast. This is more of a medium-sized dog which can ride with you.
  4. Maltese is another small dog built for airline carry on and is the perfect size with a maximum weight of 7 pounds and height of 10 inches. They are lively but require little exercise. The compact dog is intelligent, which is good for adapting to the flying process and socialize well. The Maltese has an even temperament making them the perfect traveler. They are also gentle and fearless, which is a good combination when traveling.
  5. Yorkshire Terrier is one of the smallest breeds and weighs under 6 lbs. and is under 9 inches in height. This breed is very small, but have a calming nature which can help you deal with the anxiety from the trip. Yorkies love to have attention and will enjoy your company on the trip.
  6. Papillon, or the dog with butterfly ears, weighs up to 9 lbs and 11 inches in height. Along with being easy to train, their size makes them great traveling companions. The Papillon requires little daily activity and does well in the heat, which can be a great advantage in warm areas of the world. This purebred has a number of traits which are great for traveling including intelligence, friendliness, social ability, alertness and gentleness which seem to set this dog apart.


Cats are another option for an airline travel companion, but in general prefer not to travel and get nervous. If you are a cat person, then you’ll be glad to know there are certain breeds that actually enjoy traveling. These particular breeds are sociable and easy to train.

One of these cat breeds is the 7. Chartreux, which is known to fetch items and learn dog-like tricks! The husky cats weigh 9-12 pounds, more than some of the dogs listed above, but are still a great size for travel. The gentle giant of a cat is sweet and loves to travel. It is well-mannered and has a blue-tone appearance and really seems like the perfect cat.

Some other cat breeds that like traveling include the Chantilly/Tiffany, Japanese Bobtail and the Scottish Fold which has owl-like ears.

So, if you travel, and think a pet is out of the question, consider these best travel friendly dog breeds and see the world!



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