The Best Selling Extra Large Dog Crates For Travel

When traveling, an overly large dog – such as a Great Dane or a St. Bernard –  already faces many challenges to begin with; having to place them in a crate that’s too small for their body shape only makes travel more difficult. So, The PawLife Team has researched the bestselling extra-large dog travel crates for travel with your extra-large pet!

The first step to your pet’s comfort and safety is to take your dog’s measurements before buying anything.  Also take into consideration your dog’s temperament, such as if he or she is a chewer. That would affect your choice of materials.

Here Are the 3 of the Bestselling Extra-Large Dog Travel Crates

“Ginormus” Double Door Dog Crate from Midwest Solutions

Many consider this one of the very best extra-large dog crates on the market. One reason is it has the largest dimensions of any create out there, including having double doors. It measures roughly 4.5 ft x 3 ft x 3.75 ft, which more than handles some the largest dogs.

This is particularly easy to clean compared to others because it has a removable plastic tray. Still, it’s recommended you put some padding on the bottom to make your dog feel more comfortable.

bestselling extra-large dog travel crates

A major plus with this crate is that it it’s easily stackable, something you can’t find in similar products. The crate has extreme durability as well, with side bolts to prevent accidentally opening while traveling. Your dog can’t bite through the bolts either.

If you have a dog weighing as much as 90 lbs., this create is perfect for you, although is quite heavy to lift. Price is around $124 on

Aspenpet Pet Porter Kennel

bestselling extra-large dog travel crates

Aspenpet is highly respected in designing dog crates. This one is a little smaller than the Midwest Solutions product, although it has a unique design: it’s designed not only for traveling, but also for use around your house.

For durability, it’s top-tier, with a chrome door latch, preventing any damage if your dog tries to bite through. Other parts, like the wing nuts, have rust protection so you can use it in outdoor areas without worry of deterioration.

The crate’s sides provide den-like isolation for your dog so they won’t feel anxiety being exposed to outside elements.



Lighter weight Plastic Dog Crate from Petmate
bestselling extra large dog travel crates

For those who prefer plastic material for their crates, the 21100 Ultra Vari Pets Kennel from Petmate is going to give you everything you want. Being made of plastic, it’s easier to clean and has extra durability. It also has a doghouse-like structure, making it easier for your dog to sleep in while traveling in an airline or a vehicle for long hours.

Best of all, it’s made to hold the largest dog breeds. Now you don’t have to fret if traveling with a fully grown St. Bernard or a heavy Great Dane.

For your large dog, you want a big crate with proper ventilation. This one has it in the back, along with metal side vents. The price for this one is a bit more than the crates mentioned above, but the parts are strong enough so your dog can’t easily escape at the worst possible times.

There are 3 great options for travel if you want to take your extra-large best friend with you!




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