The Best Travel Containers For Pets

You will be glad to know that most large airlines will accept your pet to travel along with you. Travel containers for pets should be IATA approved and will keep your pet safe and comfortable during the trip.

Airlines have size and weight limits for carry-on and cargo holds. The basic rule is, if your pet can fit under the seat in front of you then it is ok for them to ride with you; if not they will be checked in as cargo.

Some basic requirements for the travel container include:

  • It should be big enough so they can stand up and lie down;
  • Water and food bowls should be secured on the inside door;
  • Carriers should have visible ID tags and emergency contact information attached to them. (Remember to include your cell phone number, not your home number if you are travelling.)

The best thing to do is check with the airline that you are flying to see what their specific rules are. Below are some of the Top (Best Reviewed) Travel Containers to make sure your pet is compliant and comfortable on your airline trip.

Soft-sided carry-on bags for small dogs and cats

Most airlines will let you carry a small dog or cat in the cabin with you for a small fee. Check the airline that you plan to fly with for the exact rules and specifications on the pet’s size. These soft-sided carriers are ideal for travel because they fit nicely underneath the seat.

Petascope Small Soft-Sided Carrier can be used for cats or smaller dogs. This stylish carrier that weighs only four pounds. The dual mesh windows provide great ventilation and keeps your cat or pup from escaping. It is strong and weather resistant.

Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carrier is for medium-size pets and an airline approved carrier. Features include mesh panels for ventilation, top or side entry with locking zippers and a lambskin liner for pet comfort. These features keep larger cats from escaping and is ideal for cats or dogs that weigh under 16 pounds.

Sturdibag Large Pet Carrier is made for cats and most small to medium-sized dogs up to 25 pounds. Dogs such as Jack Russel Terriers are well suited for this carrier that is feather light. It is also roomy and is good for short-nosed breeds like pugs who don’t do well when riding in cargo.

Carry-On hard-sided crates 

These types of carriers can give your pet more security, but will be harder to conform to the space under your passenger seat. Calling the airlines to get the exact measurements of the space available is the best thing to do with these types of carry-ons.

Aspen Pet Porter Kennel is a top rated sturdy, safe and secure container for small pets up to 10lbs and 8 inches tall. It is made of hard plastic with a variety of colors to choose from. This is great for puppies who can’t chew through the top or sides. It has a metal door and pet dishes for airline trips.

Petmate Two-door Top Load Kennel is a stylish hard-sided carry-on that accommodates larger pets up to 15 lbs. Steel enhanced construction offer strength and safety. The top and front door makes it easy to load your pet and comes with a comfort handle for easy carrying.

Large Crates for Pet-Cargo Areas

If your pet carrier won’t fit under the seat in front of you then you will need a larger crate for the cargo area of the plane instead of the cabin. Below are some of the top cargo kennels for your larger pet.

Suncast PCS 2417 Deluxe Carrier is made for larger pets up to 17.5 inches in height. Designed to meet airline standards and made of crack-resistant resin, it comes with food and water bowls. There are built-in storage compartments on the top and it is easy to keep clean.

Petmate Vari Kennel is made for larger dogs from 90 to 125 lbs. It is rugged, strong and approved for airline travel for dogs up to 34 inches tall. The crate has rear ventilation and metal side vents.

Remember, for proper sizing the crate should be 1-2 inches taller than your pet when they stand or sit down. Use these guidelines and airline approved carriers for the best results on your next trip.



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