Affordable, Dog Friendly And Fee Free Hotel Chains

You’re going on vacation or traveling for the holidays and everyone’s excited except for the family dog, who senses something is about to happen that he or she is not going to like. Your dog is a part of the family and you feel just as sad about the separation as your pet. In fact, a recent survey indicated that about 78% of 62 million U.S. dog owners consider their dog an “equal” family member. That’s why for some, leaving the dog home is no longer acceptable.

Fortunately, you have choices beyond hiring a pet-sitter or boarding. At least six well-known and affordable hotel chains now have pet-friendly policies that allow you to bring your dog with you. The great thing is these hotels do not impose “non-reimbursable” fees to stop your heart and flatten your wallet!

Let’s take a look at 7 dog friendly hotel chains with no fees….




La Quinta Inns offers over 350 pet-friendly hotels.

  • Allows dogs up to 50
  • Allows two (2) pets per room.
  • First, notify the front desk about your pet and sign a Pet Policy Agreement.
  • Outside your room keep pets leashed or in a carrier.
  • Leave only well-behaved and quiet pets alone in the room and only for short periods of time.
  • Except for authorized service dogs, no pets at the pool, the breakfast room, the fitness center or the laundry room.
  • There is no room cleaning if you or your pet are there, so contact Housekeeping to make arrangements. The best approach? Walk your dog
    during regular cleaning times.
  • Always clean up your pet’s ‘business.’
  • If your pet appears dangerous or disruptive, hotel management can tell you to find other accommodations. Untenable situations will bring in animal control, so be amenable.
  • While there are no up-front fees or deposit requirements, if your room needs excessive cleaning or if your pet causes damage, the hotel reserves the right to charge for additional services and repairs.
  • You’re responsible for complying with any local regulations and laws.

Motel 6 has over 800 pet-friendly locations.

  • Pet guests stay FREE at Motel 6.
  • Up to two pets per room.
  • There are no weight or breed restrictions.
  • Don’t leave pets alone in your room.
  • Your pet is welcome if it does not pose a health or safety risk, or if local laws don’t prohibit pets at hotels.
  • Inform the front desk you have a pet or service animal upon arrival.


Aloft Hotels welcomes pets in 66 of their 100 properties. Check ahead to determine if your prospective hotel is pet-friendly.

  • No pet fee, except a few Aloft Hotels may require a deposit. Check ahead!
  • Two pets per room. Some hotels only allow one, so talk to the hotel about a waiver.
  • Dogs up to 40 pounds. If your dog weighs more, talk to the hotel about a waiver.
  • An aggressive or loud pet could result in extra housekeeping charges or you being asked to find other accommodations!

Complimentary pet amenities include a special bed, bowl, and treats and toys.

Kimpton Hotels has at least 67 properties in 31 cities across the country.

  • There is no pet deposit, pets always stay free.
  • Any number of pets are welcome.
  • There is no restriction as to size, weight, or breed.

Pet amenities include beds, bowls, treats, a list of local pet-friendly businesses, a doorknob-hanger to alert staff your pet is in the room, and pet sitting and dog-massages at many of their hotels.

 Hotel Monaco offers exceptional service to your dog!

  • No size or weight restrictions.
  • No extra fees for having a pet.

Amenities include food and water bowls, a pet bed, spring water, treats, disposable poop bags, and some hotels offer even more. Think temporary ID tags, a walking service, a dog sitting service, a dog walking map. The New Orleans hotel offers in-house vet service, San Francisco provides animal movie videos, and Seattle provides monogrammed dog coats while you’re there.

dog friendly hotel chains with no fees

Red Roof Inn has over 350 pet-friendly sites.

  • Pets are free guests.
  • Only one pet per room.
  • If your pet isn’t well-behaved, you’re liable for damages.
  • No unattended pets in your room.
  • Checking in, notify the front desk you have a pet.
  • Some hotels have a weight limit, so check the policy ahead of time.

A seventh hotel that you can check out is Hotel Indigo, which is a modest but stylish hotel. All of the Hotel Indigo facilities are pet-friendly, but fees and weight limits vary because they’re established by each hotel. Some don’t charge a fee at all, some do, and the fee varies. It’s worth calling to find out what a specific Hotel Indigo offers for your pet.

This list should help in your selection of a dog friendly hotel chain with no fees! Your vacation will be easier to plan, and much more fun, when you include your four-legged pal.



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