The Best Pet Movies For The Holidays

Are you looking for a set of movies to watch this season with your best furry pal? We’ve put together a list of 8 of the best pet movies for you. So grab the popcorn and turn on the television – it’s time to curl up on the couch and spend time with your faithful companion.

best pet holiday movies


Lady and The Tramp

Possibly one of the best dog movies on the list, this film follows the story of an uptown cocker spaniel and the Tramp who tries to steal her heart. Warning: You might end up crying, or at least craving some spaghetti.

Where to Find it: You can buy from Amazon on disc or rent it from Amazon. Sadly, you can’t view it online at the moment.


The Search for Santa Paws and Santa Buddies

While these are two movies in a series, you really can’t watch one without watching the other – and they’re bothbest holiday pet movies so much fun, you’ll be sure to enjoy them.

In the first, Santa is given a toy pup from an old friend who has passed away recently. It turns into a real puppy. Shortly after this transformation, Santa is hit by a cab. The two are separated and Santa loses his memory!  His friends and elves have to work together to find Paws, Santa’s memory and save Christmas.

The second movie is about Puppy Paws, who wishes there was no Christmas and that he was a regular dog. To save Puppy Paws, and the spirit of Christmas itself, the Chief Elf Eli has to track him down and save him from the grim dog catcher Stan Cruge.

Where to Find it: Both are available online through Netflix; rented via DVD, or purchased from Amazon.


best holiday pet movies

101 Dalmatians (1996)

When Cruella De Vil kidnaps puppies from all across England, a gang of animals teams up to take on Cruella and her goons to save them.

Where to Find it: Currently, you can purchase the DVD through Amazon, or rent from Netflix.


I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown

For a change of pace this year, instead of just watching “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” why not include this one on the list? Follow Lucy and Linus’ younger brother Rerun as he tries to find his own dog to share a bond with, just like Charlie and Snoopy’s.

Where to Find it: While it’s sure to be aired at some point on one of the various channels during the season, you can also find this online through KissCartoon or YouTube.



Cats & Dogs

This one is a fun comedy depicting the high-tech espionage war that happens between cats and dogs when the humans aren’t looking. It’s sure to be a fun evening for you and your pets, whichever side of the battle you might be on.

Where to Find it: It can currently be viewed through Netflix, rented on DVD or purchased through Amazon.



Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure

A Christmas elf takes off in Santa’s sleigh (accidentally or not, it’s up to you to decide) and crash lands in a small town. He loses his magic toy bag, and needs to get help from Beethoven. (Beethoven is a St. Bernard.) Beethoven must rescue the elf, reclaim the toy bag from some greedy crooks and get it all back to Santa before Christmas. Interesting note: This is the only time in the series where Beethoven talks.

Where to Find it: It is currently available on Netflix, rented on DVD or purchased through Amazon.


Feed the Kitty

While it’s technically a short and not a full-length movie, this cartoon is too adorable not to include. The bulldog involved attempts to be gruff and mean, and in the end, is melted by a stray kitten, attempting to care for it while keeping it hidden from his mistress.

Where to Find it: Currently it’s possible to find this clip both through YouTube and through KissCartoons, free of charge.


A Dog Named Christmas


A young man who is developmentally challenged but has a big heart when it comes to animals sets out to convince his family – and his entire rural community – to participate in his local shelters’ “Adopt a Dog for Christmas” program.

Where to Find it: While you might not be able to watch it through Netflix, you can be sure that it will be aired at some point on the Hallmark channel.



These movies are sure to make you laugh, cry and laugh some more. Let us know what your favorites are!




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