Have You Seen This? You Will Be Fascinated With Cat Bounce!

If  your Wednesday feels like a Monday and you’re in need of a big time mindless break, Cat Bounce might just be the answer for you.  This interactive website rains cats from the sky who bounce around your screen.  And in the case of Cat Bounce, not all cats land on their feet!


Simply click and drag a cat and she will bounce across your screen, flipping in the air.  Click Make it Rain in the top right hand corner and a hail storm of new cats will be added to your screen.  While Cat Bounce is a mindless game, it’s cute factor and inter-activeness make it not only a great stress reliever but a perfect midday break as well.

Simply visit the site, spend five minutes bouncing a few dozen cats and back to work you go, refreshed and with an engaged mind.   On your phone?  No worries; they developed a mobile site for those who are always on the go.  Stuck on a commuter train?  Bounce a few cats and those minutes will feel like they have flown away.  Having a horrible day and need a break from reality?   Bounce those cares away!  Just five minutes a day (but really, this game is addictive and you’ll bounce for longer, we’re sure!) can refresh and rejuvenate your brain.


The best part?  Play it at home with your cat in your lap; she is sure to be mesmerized by the bouncing cats and might even try to play too!


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