January is Train Your Dog Month!

January is Train Your Dog Month! Start the year off right by getting into a routine of training your dog, and by Christmas he or she will be the best dog ever!

Why Should I Train My Dog?

Train Your Dog Month

Training your dog is just as important for his wellbeing as it is for yours. A trained dog is calmer, more sociable, and generally happier. The owner of a trained dog is less stressed, participates in more activities with their dog, and has a closer relationship with their dog. In fact, training is the most important factor in ensuring a dog has a forever home.

Can I Really Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

Yes! Every dog can be trained no matter what their age. It is never too late to reinforce positive behavior. The proper trainer can assist with stubborn pooches or dogs set in their ways.

Do I Really Need a Trainer?

Maybe. If you start training your dog young (dogs can start training as early as 7 weeks of age), he will have a better grasp of the basics and will be more likely to learn more difficult commands. Remember, training your dog is about more than just “sit”, “stay”, and “come”. Some dogs (and owners) benefit greatly from the experience and consistency of a certified trainer.

What Can I Expect Once My Dog Is Trained?

You can expect the greatest reward of all: the best version of your best friend. A dog that is trained to greet people politely, socialize with people and other animals, and walk nicely on a leash is a dog that you can take everywhere with you (within reason, of course – don’t expect to dine with doggy at a 5-star restaurant). Pet stores, open-air markets, outdoor cafes, and of course dog parks are all now in the realm of possibility to visit with your pup.

Train Your Dog Month for Lasting Benefits

Train Your Dog Month

Ready to reap the benefits of having a trained dog? Take advantage of Train Your Dog Month to make your relationship with your dog the best it can be. For more information, contact The Association of Professional Dog Trainers. Happy training!




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