Is Dry Shampoo Right for Your Dog?

dry dog shampoo

Chances are, you have probably found yourself in the dog house more than once or after a wash if you have a pooch that hates baths. You know that your furry friend needs a good wash periodically, but sometimes you do not have the time or the energy to do a full wet bath.

If you have faced this struggle, then you and your dog may benefit from using dry shampoo for dogs. Dry shampoo comes in either a spray or powder form, and cleans dry hair by reducing the appearance of oil and leaving hair smelling fresh. If you are expecting company to come over soon and your pup smells less than fresh, then you can administer dry shampoo to help him get a little extra love from your guests.

If you do use dry shampoo on your dog, you should research the available products to ensure that they are pet safe and effective. There are several different varieties of dry shampoo available for dogs online and at large retailers. Let’s explore which dry dog shampoos are available.

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