Reward Your Dog With PawLife’s Favorite Training Treats

When you’re training your dog, you want to be sure you’re offering a reward that matters to them. Your goal is to increase the desired behavior while reducing behaviors that you don’t like. Whether you’re teaching your dog to use the bathroom outside instead of on your carpet, to sit or shake, or to perform a great new trick to wow your friends and family members, make sure you’re offering one of our favorite training treats for dogs.

Favorite training treats for dogs

Food in Training

When you think of rewarding your dog during training, chances are, the first thing you think of is food. Food as a training reward is the perfect solution for many breeds of dog. After all, they have no desire to complete this odd behavior that you want–but they do want the treat you have in your pocket! Properly using food as a reward is the most popular way to train your dog.

If you do choose to use food to train, make sure it’s a food your dog likes. There’s no use offering a “treat” that your dog has no interest in at all. Even more important is that the treat is healthy. Since food-based treats can be used as an incentive many times, you want to be sure it is good for your dog. A great resource is Only Natural Pet, which has a large variety of treats. They even have a training treat that is made of lamb lung, YUM!


People Foods That Make Good Treats

The food that your dog wants the most is often the food that comes from your table! Make sure, however, that you’re choosing a food that’s safe for your dog when you select a treat. These include:

  • Cheese
  • Gravy
  • Yogurt
  • Eggs dried in the microwave
  • Fresh meat
  • Cheerios

Choosing the Right Store-Bought Treat

If you’re selecting a treat for your dog at the store, you want to follow the same basic guidelines you’d follow in choosing your own food. Ideally, you want a treat that has as few ingredients as possible. As you’re reading the ingredients list, keep in mind that if you can’t pronounce it, it’s no better for your dog than it would be for you. There are plenty of treats that have a great reputation among trainers! Sausage-like rolls of dog food are a favorite treat of many trainers. Cat food also makes a great treat for your dog. Just make sure whatever you give them is high-quality. For example, Only Natural Pet has training treats that are made from a single, healthy, high protein ingredient.

Plenty of Praise

The best treat your dog can receive is plenty of praise from you. Sure, rewards are great. Many breeds of dog, however, want to know that their human is happy with the way they’ve performed. Let your dog know that you approve, give them plenty of great praise, and encourage them to continue the behavior in the future.

Offering a Toy

Does your dog have a favorite toy that they can’t wait to play with? Consider letting that toy be a training reward for a session well done. This is particularly useful for dogs who are high-energy and still need to run when the training session is done.

Other Training Tips

Many top trainers are also willing to weigh in on some popular tips that will make it easier to train your dog.

  • Use different treats throughout the training session if your dog appears to get bored quickly. Some dogs don’t mind getting the same treat over and over, but others will perform better if they’re offered something new.
  • Offer treats only up to 10% of your dog’s daily calories. You don’t want to add too many goodies and create an overweight pup!
  • Try something mild. If your dog is struggling to pay attention through a training session, you may get better results with a treat that doesn’t have as strong a smell.

Training your furry friend is a challenge, but it’s one that’s well worth the effort! The more you work with your dog, the more you’ll learn about what truly motivates him to succeed. Offer those treats that encourage them the most to see your puppy transform into a happy, well-trained dog. PawLife’s Favorite Training Treat is the one your dog responds to the best!



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