The Best Low-Calorie Cat Food on the Market


While you may pay more attention to your own weight don’t forget about your cat who’s perhaps eating too much lately. At one time, we used to think it funny when our cats became too fat. On a wider scale, we’ve certainly seen our share of fat cats in calendars and cat memes on social media.

best low calorie cat food

Allowing your cat to become fat is just as bad for their health as weight gain is for you. Even if your cat might feel ecstatic about eating anything they want, when they want, you must start taking their weight gain seriously.

Maybe low-calorie cat food sounds like a gimmick, but it’s actually real. Many cat owners now search avidly for this type of cat food. However, you have some things to consider about these products before you buy.

Some products are overly low in fat, making your cat not feel full enough. Still, some great low-calorie cat food products are out there.

The Issues Behind Traditional Weight Loss Diets for Cats

Setting up a traditional weight loss plan for your cat can lead to some problems if you feed them too many low-fat foods. Diets overly low in fats, high fiber, and high carbs can diminish lean body mass in your cats. They need protein for energy, and not paying attention to lean body mass only creates weight regain.

While traditional diets do help bring weight loss, not providing enough protein or fats for your cat makes them feel hungrier. They’ll want to eat more, and the whole process turns into human diet fads: Gaining back weight in a hurry.

High Protein, Low-Carb Diets

Ideally, a high-protein diet with low carbohydrates and low fats is ideal for cats, though you’ll also want to practice portion control. With this combination, you can count on healthier weight loss while maintaining your cat’s energy.

The best way is to provide this through canned meats. Nevertheless, most low-calorie cat food is in dry food form, and it’s possible to find it in mainstream pet stores.

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