4 Reasons Why You Need a Wire Playpen for Your New Puppy

New puppies are adorable and fun to play with, but young pups can also be a lot to handle when taken outside. You may find it hard to keep your puppy content on a leash when there is such a big, bright, colorful world surrounding them with new sensations, smells, and tastes. That is why a wire playpen for new puppy owners is the perfect thing. Let’s explore some key reasons any puppy owner should seriously consider getting a wire playpen.

1. Safety with Using a Wire Playpen for Your New Puppy

Pet safety is one of the most important things for any dog owner. The world can be dangerous to a dog off-leash: there are other animals, traffic, and thewire-dog-pen potential to run away and get lost or hurt. But you also want to let your puppy run and play without the hindrance of a leash. A wire playpen for your new puppy is a solution to the problem of granting independence while maintaining safety. Your puppy will be able to run around and burn the seemingly endless energy the young are blessed with, without being at risk of running into the street or getting lost. This foldable exercise pen from Midwest is available in many sizes.

2. Spend More Time Together 

When you’re at home you can’t necessarily hang out with your new puppy all the time. But, for certain outdoor activities, such as yard work or grilling dinner for example, you can use a wire playpen to bring your puppy outside to enjoy those activities with you. But, it is important to note puppies, or any dogs, should not be left unobserved just in case they get out or manage to hurt themselves.

3. A Wire Playpen Can Save Your Yard

Puppies are a lot of fun to play with, and cuter than almost anything in the world. However, as we all know they can also wreak havoc. A wire playpen for a new puppy allows owners to exercise a little bit more control over that havoc.

One thing puppies, as well as older dogs, love to do is dig holes. A wire playpen for a new puppy ensures that all their digging is confined to one spot and not scattered over the whole yard and can help you to focus training for this bad habit. Playpens are also perfect for protecting your neatly manicured flowerbeds or other plants that require constant care and attention for best results.

4. Make Your Dog Feel Loved and Involved 

Dogs, especially puppies, have very keen and acute emotions. When everybody goes outside to eat dinner on the patio, watch the sunset, play catch, or participate in another activity while the dog is left alone inside, they feel lonely and can become distressed at the isolation. Wire playpens allow your new puppy to take part in almost all the family activities in the backyard and not feel left out when everyone else goes outside. More frequent inclusion also strengthens the relationship between the pup and the you, the owner.

Things to Consider

Outdoor playpens often have no bottom, so they can be pushed around and moved by bigger pups. A lot of wire playpens come with stakes that can be stuck into the ground to ensure the pen is not moved, but if you have a pen indoor-dog-penthat does not have such a feature, you may want to consider putting heavy objects around the exterior to hinder attempts at moving the pen.

You can also get a playpen for inside the house. This lightweight pen – IRIS Plastic Puppy and Dog Pet Playpen – can be used indoor or outside.
It also has a gate if your puppy is getting too big to lift!

Enjoy the freedom a playpen for your new puppy provides, but never leave your puppy unobserved. Playpens are great but they are not foolproof!



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