Three Reasons Why You Really Need a GPS Cat Tracker

We all know cats are some of the most independent animals in the animal kingdom, though we’re fortunate they still want human companionship at least half the time. During those times when they like to wander, it can become a problem when they go outside the bounds of your property. A GPS cat tracker could help.

Some cats simply don’t want to stay indoors all day, though having them spend too much time outdoors can pose risks. Because cats like to explore, it’s going to mean them possibly running away and getting lost after satisfying their curiosity.

In this scenario, you may realize your cat is missing, though no way to know what’s happened. Until we can invent cell phones for felines, the only way to know is to use a GPS cat tracker.

Here are three reasons why you really need a GPS cat tracker and which ones on the market can give you the most reliability and quality.

1. You Can Find Your Cat in Hidden Places with a GPS Cat Tracker

Since you cats might want to explore out-of-the-way places, it’s important to use a GPS cat tracker to help locate them quickly. Otherwise, they could stay locked inside someone’s basement or other enclosed place for days or weeks before being found.

Whistle is one of the best GPS tracker brands out there, especially for cats over 10 lbs. They note on their website that one in three pets are going to become lost in their lifetimes. Their product makes it easy to track because all data gets sent to your smartphone.

Along with on-demand alerts and amazing durability, it’s a perfect way to give you alerts when your cat decides to roam. What’s even more impressive is it has nationwide search capability, so if your cat happens to run beyond state lines, you can find them.

It works far beyond locating your cat as well and gives you health monitoring. If your cat has recurring health issues and can’t find their way home, you’ll be able to find them and help.

2. GPS Cat Trackers Can Monitor Fitness Levels of Your Cat

Some might find it strange someone would monitor the fitness level of their cat, but they need to stay healthy like us. You may not know what your cat’s fitness level is if you don’t follow where they hang out during the day.

A tracker like Tagg is a good alternative to Whistle above. This one has a patented “Tagg Zone” where it gives you alerts on your phone if your cat goes beyond specific set boundaries.

It tracks how much exercise your cat gets while they spend time outdoors. Now you can know if they’re getting as much exercise as they need, or just snoozing under a tree every afternoon.

Another thing you’ll like about the Tagg tracker is it has an interactive map available to help lead you directly to your cat when they’re missing.

3. GPS Cat Trackers Can Get Your Local Community Involved

Another good GPS cat tracker is the Pawscout Smart Tag, which gives one notable feature not found in others. It lets you send out digital “Lost Cat” flyers to your friends and community so they can join in looking for your cat.

This gives you an example of how sophisticated GPS cat trackers have become in making them more connected. Getting your neighborhood involved in assuring the safety of your pets makes technology a true blessing in everyone’s lives.

A major standout with the Pawscout tracker is it costs under $30 on Amazon. Plus, it doesn’t charge you monthly fees like you’re sometimes forced to pay in other trackers. You can even set up personal profiles on your pet so those who get your digital flyers know everything they need to know about your cat for full identification.

A GPS cat tracker might be the perfect tool to keep tabs on your tabby!



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