You’ll Never Guess What Are The Best-Selling Cat Toys

We all love to pamper our cats with healthy food and great toys. Keeping our cats active and satisfied is a priority for most cat owners. What toys are the best for your cat?  That depends on the goal for the toy and your cat! Is your cat easily entertained or a tough cookie? A catnip lover or indifferent? Is your cat alone a lot of the day or with other cats? Here we have the top 10 best-selling cat toys that just may serve up what your kitty needs.

Best Exercise Toys

We know we need to stay in shape, and so do our cats! While they may require a fair amount of sleep compared to us, we still need to encourage our cats to play for at least a few minutes each day.

1. Catit

Cats love this reconfigure-able tube with a ball they can bat and chase but never catch. The hills in the track make the ball’s movement unpredictable so your cat will never be bored with this interactive toy. You decide the layout and can change it as often as you want with the interlocking track pieces. You can also get more pieces in the form of the Catit Senses 2.0 track to add so you can change the layout even more.

2. Tower of Tracks

A different twist on a track toy, your cat or cats will get moving even when you’re not home with this three-track tower toy by Petstages that includes a colorful patterned ball for each level. Non-skid pads ensured the tower will stay put while kitty plays with the balls that also stay put. No more finding 20 cat ball toys under the couch when you clean! This one is a well-contained toy that will have your couch potato cat up and at ’em!

3. Kitty City

You think you have a cat tower? You haven’t seen anything until you’ve checked out this amazing jungle gym for cats. Especially fun if you have multiple cats, the Kitty City Steel Claw Mega Kit Cat Furniture comes easy to assemble, and can even be added on to. With cozy places to sleep, plenty of scratching to do on the scratching posts, and multiple toys that jingle to attract your cats, they won’t want to be anywhere else!

4. SmartCat Peek a Prize Toy Box

All cats love to find something that’s hidden. This toy takes advantage of that desire by placing toys in partial view, yet it looks like the toy is hiding. While the toy comes with two toys, you can add anything appropriately sized, even snacks! If your cat is motivated by food, here’s how you can ensure he gets some exercise to work off those calories. Made of medium density fiberboard, the SmartCat Peek a Prize Toy Box will keep your cat mentally stimulated for hours!

Best Catnip Toys

Catnip is a safe, fun way to help those cats who don’t want to play with regular toys become more active. About two thirds of cats enjoy it, and if you provide a catnip toy a couple of times a week, the effect won’t wear off on the cat. Just make sure the catnip in the toy is fresh. Replacing it every so often will keep it new, and if you store catnip, keep it in the freezer. Here are some of the best toys:

5. Kong Cat Cozie Kickaroo

If you thought Kong only made dog toys, you’d be wrong! The Cat Cozie Kickaroo is the durable toy you know you can trust to hold up to your cat, because it’s made by Kong. With a crinkle and some potent North American catnip, your cat’s hunting instincts will be on full alert. The size of the Cat Cozie Kickaroo makes it perfect for your cat to wrestle with as well, giving him the full play experience. Can’t get enough Kong for your cat? Check out the rest of their line-up with Hubba Wubba, crinkle catnip fish, feather teasers and more.

6. Yeowww! Banana Catnip Toy

Any cat who likes catnip is going to love the Yeowww! Banana Catnip toy. It’s a generous seven inches in length, and the perfect curvy shape for your cat to hug and attack. With 100% organic catnip inside, your cat is sure to attack it again and again! Because it is organically grown, this catnip has a stronger aroma to attract your cat over and over.

7. Fortune Cookie Family Size

Everyone loves Chinese take-out, right? Your cat will flip for these catnip-stuffed fortune cookies that are hand made to order. That’s right, it’s take-out specially made for your cat! Using ultrapotent catnip, you’ll know you’re getting the good stuff, fresh and fun! This assortment of five huge cookies made of felt will have your cat jumping into the quart-sized to-go box to get at them!

Best Motorized Toys

We don’t always have the energy or time to play with our cats, as much as we might want to. What can we do to make sure kitty still gets some exercise? A motorized toy works well because they can play all on their own, without having to make all the magic happen by themselves.

8. Mystery Motion Play Mat

A more environmentally sound toy, this activity mat’s plastic components are all made from recycled parts. The mouse races around unpredictably underneath the round mat mimicking a real mouse’s movements. With four speeds that you get to choose from in the battery-operated control base, your cat won’t be able to help going after this one.

9. Pounce Toy

Marshall Maus is a zippy yellow fellow who moves forward, backward, and even twitches, and hides in his little houses. Cats will not be able to resist trying to catch him as all his movements are random. They may be able to see what path he will take, but they won’t know how he’ll use it! Made of durable plastic, it will shut off after 10 minutes of inactivity to save battery wear. Stimulating cats’ hunting instincts, the PetSafe Pounce Toy will keep them busy for hours.

10. FroliCat BOLT Interactive Laser Pet Toy

Cats love lasers. They are tiny, move slowly and quickly, and they dart around all over.  People love to play with lasers with their cats. But sometimes, the cat wants to play while their person is otherwise occupied. What now? Here comes FroliCat with the BOLT Interactive Laser Pet Toy. Tested for safety, this laser toy can be held in your hand on manual where you control the fun, or placed on a flat surface and put on automatic mode. On automatic mode, the laser moves in random patterns for your cat to chase. This toy has an on/off switch, and shuts off after 15 minutes of non-play to save the batteries.

Owning a cat is a constant adventure into their world of play. Whether we can join them or not, it is important to stimulate your cat in a healthy, active way to keep them fit. Providing new toys every so often will keep your cat alert and active, and these ten best-selling cat toys are sure to do that. With the mental stimulation they provide, you will find your cat is not only healthier but happier as well.




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