PawLife Picks: Best Tangle-Free Dual Dog Leashes


Anybody that has attempted to walk more than one dog at time knows how much of a challenge this can be. The main issue is making sure that the dogs don’t tangle their leashes together during the walk. Tangle free dual dog leashes enable you to walk two dogs on one leash. However, this does not mean that they will not tangle. Let’s explore some of the best options available when it comes to tangle-free dual dog leashes.


Mimibox Dual Double Dog Leash –

This double dog leash that relieves the stress and tangles that come along with walking both of your dogs at the same time. It allows you to walk two dogs together without having to deal with two separate leash handles.

Crafted from strong reinforced braided nylon polyester for durable use, this leash has a cushion-grip handle and stainless steel snap.

Tangle free feature controls the pulling for you, without any extra effort needed by the walker preventing the lines from crossing and becoming tangled. The strong swivel construction allows you to walk your dogs with less frustration and more freedom.


The popular pet and supply store has a tangle-free dual dog leash of their own. Their solution for the tangle-free dual dog leash is simple, yet effective. Instead of having retractable cords and brakes housed in a plastic reel casing, the PetSmart dual dog leash is just one piece of durable nylon that splits at a point and allows for two dogs to be fastened to it with sturdy eye-bolt fasteners. You may be wondering how this leash could possibly not tangle, and the solution is quite elegant albeit simple. Where the two leashes diverge from the main cord, the cords are attached by a metal clasp that allows for 360 degrees of motion, so as the dogs twist and turn and run around on their walk, you won’t be. The leashes are not retractable as previously stated, but are more in line with a standard dog leash. They are however adjustable on each side so that you can comfortably walk dogs of two different sizes without straining them or yourself. This leash also, as our other two leashes were, comes highly reviewed by consumers. Not a single review gives this leash anything less than 4 stars and the majority of reviews give it 5 stars. Plus, the most attractive aspect of this leash may be the price tag. It costs 21 dollars for the PetSmart Top Paw dual dog leash.


Revolve-A-Leash is a retractable dual leash. It enables you to put the brakes on both dogs or have two dogs at varying distances. This is valuable when you have one dog that likes to pull and be in the lead. If the lines on the Revolve-A-Leash start to cross, turn your wrist 90 degrees two or three times (the motion you use to open a doorknob) and the lines will uncross. At $59.99, it is more expensive than most dual leashes, but if walking two dogs is a nightmare, Revolve-A-Leash could be a dream come true!



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