5 Great Cat Condos That Your Cat Will Love

When it comes to cat condos, there’s more to their design than meets the eye. Each cat condo is made to suit different feline preferences, which means that it’s important to take your own cat’s personality into consideration when choosing one for your cat.

With so many options on the market, we know that making a decision can seem daunting. To help you with your decision, we’ve put together a list of five great cat condo options for different feline preferences to help narrow down your search.

1. Armarkat Cat Tree

The Armarkat Cat Tree offers something for cats of every age and agility level. While the multiple levels may make it seem best suited towards younger, more agile cats, the placement of the different platforms is in a stair-like fashion making movement from level to level possible for cats of any age. This particular condo is great for not only cats who enjoy climbing, but for those who enjoy lounging as well. Between the lower-level hammock, the mid-level hiding nook, and the upper level platforms there’s no shortage of space for cats to relax. In addition, the hanging pompoms and rope add an extra level of fun that all cats will appreciate.

2. PetPals Group Multi Level Condo

For some cats, nothing is more important than finding a good hiding space. For these shy kitties, the most important thing to look for in a condo is secure hiding spaces, as it’s these areas that will see the most action. The simple design of the PetPals Group Multi Level Condo in particular is great for cats that prefer lounging in a quiet space more than climbing and exploring. For time spent outside of the enclosures, this condo also offers hanging entertainment and a cozy, sunken perch.

3. Prevue Pet Catville Cat Tower

While some cats are looking for a condo that offers a secure place to relax and nothing more, others want one that offers all the benefits that a condo offers while still making them feel securely hidden. That’s what makes the Prevue Pet Catville Cat Tower such a great option. With several hiding places spread across multiple levels, cats have the freedom to explore different levels while still feeling securely hidden. Further, its unique stair-like design makes it the perfect choice for senior cats who need a little bit of extra help to reach high up perches.

4. Twin Platform with Ladder

The Twin Platform with Ladder condo is great for cats that love nothing more than a good scratching post. What this condo lacks in horizontal space, it more than makes up for in scratching opportunities. Having the multiple raised platforms on rope covered poles offers ample opportunity for cats to not only practice their climbing skills but to do a little scratching as well. Other benefits of this condo is that it offers a selection of both indoor and outdoor sleeping areas, as well as accessible stairs, making it a great option for cats of all abilities and preferences.

5. Cat Jungle Gym

While large cat condos are great, they are often difficult to fit in smaller homes and apartments; that’s what makes this cat jungle gym a great condo alternative. It offers many of the same benefits as condos, including different levels to explore, multiple hidden enclosures, and hanging entertainment, just on a smaller scale. Another benefit of this jungle gym is that you have the flexibility to set it up however you’d like. The pieces can be assembled in the configuration that works best for you, and you can swap the design periodically to keep things interesting for your cat. Plus, if it ever needs to be moved, disassembly is a breeze.

It’s easy to see that choosing a cat condo can be a complex, and expensive decision. Before you head to the store to make your purchase, ensure that you’ve given plenty of thought to your cat’s specific abilities and personality. Make note of whether they prefer climbing poles or stairs, lounging in the open or in an enclosed space, having plenty of space to explore or relax, and any other condo-relevant behaviors. Taking the time to consider these tips before making the purchase will help ensure you’re choosing a condo that your cat will actually use.


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