5 Pet Potty Options When You Are Traveling

Pet Potty Options on the Go

Does the thought of leaving your four-legged family member home while you travel keep you up at night? Bring them with you! They will enjoy the new location and you can keep your furry best friend by your side. Before you make your airline reservations or pack the car, there are a few things to consider. The most important of which is where will they go to the bathroom on the road? Ideally, it will be in a pet relief area if you are flying or on the side of the road for the family dog. However, when that is not an option, it’s time to consider indoor potty options for your traveling pet.

What are your Travel Toilet Options for your Dog or Cat?

There are a variety of options for pet parents to choose from before your next big adventure. As you look over some of the possibilities, consider the cost and your method of transportation. Traveling by car gives you more flexibility while traveling by plane or bus means you need something that is compact and easy to use in tight spaces.

  • Shake Dog Potty -This potty is for the traveling puppy. The pet does their business on a grate over a receptacle and you flush it in a regular toilet and rinse it  when possible. It folds up for ease while flying. Smaller dogs and young puppies would benefit the most from a product this size. They are easy to clean and reusable to last an entire trip. But, you will need to get your pet comfortable with using it prior to travel.
  • Klean Paws Indoor Dog Toilet -The litter box is not just for the cat anymore. This indoor dog litter box works well for on the road. It is a plastic unit that holds pee pads for puppies to use on the road. Puppies and small breed dogs benefit the most from this unit due to its size. While designed for dogs, cats can also use this unit. It doesn’t fold, so travel by plane is tricky, but works well for car rides.
  • Wee Wee Pads -These pads are normally used to house train young dogs. They also work well for traveling dogs that need to go while at a hotel or in an airport with no access to a dog relief area. Ultra portable, they can fit in backpacks to go on planes.
  • Artificial Turf Products -There are a variety of artificial turf products on the market. Some are designed for indoor use while others can be used outside. When using them outside, place on the balcony of a hotel room, for example, and instant potty breaks are available for traveling pets.
  • Collapsible Litter Boxes -Dogs are not the only ones who travel. With a little bit of patience, cat parents can bring their furry children on the road as well. Thankfully, there is a variety of collapsible litter boxes for cats. Bring your usual litter from home and fill the box in the car. After the cat uses the box, place used litter in a bag, collapse box and dispose used litter in the next available trash receptacle. dump it out, collapse it and hit the road. Before leaving make sure your cat is used to the car and the new litter box to avoid any problems on the road.

Consider Important Pet Toilet Accessories

While the potty units are one piece, there are a few accessories to consider purchasing for the pet on the go.

  • Self-sealing bags for cleaning up messes.
  • Can of air freshener. This is only an option if  you are traveling by car.
  • Disposable bags and anti-bacterial hand wipes.

Rules when Flying

If your adventures have you and your pet flying to your destination, make sure you check with your airline for their specific rules. You will need to purchase a carrier for your pet on board. Once you arrive at the airport, give yourself plenty of time to get through security as TSA has its own rules.

After you choose your potty on the go option for your pet, pack enough snacks and toys to keep them happy. Get them used to the indoor potty and set out on your next big adventure.


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