PawLife Picks: The Best Dog Toothbrush

Your dog’s mouth is the perfect incubator for bacteria to thrive because the mouth is moist and warm with nutrients that organisms love to grow on. Some bacteria are normal, but once tartar and plaque form on teeth, pathogenic organisms will proliferate. That presents a major risk to your dog’s health and longevity. So, PawLife has listed below what we think are the best dog toothbrushes.

Dental Care is So Important

The proper dental care gives your pet a chance to lead a healthier and longer life. Anything you can do to prevent oral issues is well worth your effort. Also, having your veterinarian treat any existing periodontal disease and advising you on your dog’s proper home hygiene care can make all the difference. Taking your dog to the vet only for dental brushing can cost as much as hundreds of dollars, so as much of it that you can do yourself lessens the financial burden.

Tooth Brushing

Daily tooth brushing is recommended, and if you begin a routine as early in your dog’s life as possible, your pet will get used to your doing it. The best way is to ease into it by beginning with short intervals and gradually increasing the time to what is needed. Additionally, most veterinarians can provide lessons as to how to brush properly, and many will give you sample toothbrushes and toothpastes that are made specifically for dogs.

Toothbrushes for dogs come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and bristle textures. Select a size appropriate for the dog’s mouth. Find one with an angle that is comfortable for your pet’s mouth and for your hand. Have plenty of room in the length for you to hold the handle without having to have your hand inside your dog’s mouth or touch your pet’s teeth.

To begin the home dental care, go slowly, be careful not to get bitten, and be very gentle. Let your pet smell and taste a small amount of toothpaste to get used to it, and add the toothbrush or cleaning tool when your dog seems to know what to expect. Brush with easy strokes starting at the gum line.

Remember to change the toothbrush frequently. Most vets recommend a new one every three months. If you just cannot get your dog to allow you to brush, consider dental snacks for non-brushers such as Greenies. One way or another, have a dog with a healthy mouth and fresh breath!

PawLife Picks for The Best Dog Toothbrushes

  1. Pet Oral Dental Brush Soft Finger Toothbrush

Included is an oral toothbrush and a rubber massage brush. This is an easier and more natural way to brush your dog’s teeth. The unique finger glove slides over the index finger, and the soft bristles clean the teeth and gently massage the gums. It is easy to massage the pet’s gums and teeth with the finger toothbrush’s soft and small nubs and get in between a large dog’s teeth. Reduce the bacteria that cause bad breath, help to reduce tartar and plaque buildup, and sooth irritated gums.

  1. CET Dual End Toothbrush

Tapered to conform to the pet’s mouth and teeth, there are bristles on each end of the handle. One end has a smaller head, fewer bristles, a thin handle, and is designed for the smaller front teeth. The other end is wider, longer, and is designed for the larger back teeth.

  1. WooBamboo Large Breed Bamboo Pet Toothbrush

This is a unique option if you want to switch from plastic to a natural 100 percent bio-degradable natural bamboo handle, free of chemicals and coated in a natural wax, where you can pull out the recyclable bristles, if you prefer.

Nothing replaces a vet checkup for good oral hygiene for your pet. Check with your vet to make sure you are on the right track with one of these PawLife Picks for Best Dog Toothbrush to keep everyone smiling.



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