What’s Up With The Cattitude??

Seriously. Enough love. I’m done!

The slanting of the eye, the twitch of the tail, the flattened ears, the body shift … you know what I’m talking about.  The sudden change when your cat realizes she has given you too much love, when she’s played for too long, when she sees your attention focused somewhere that isn’t on her, when she is turning off the charm and turning on the -tude; the Cattitude that is.

We are but mere peasants in the cat world.  Feed me, love me, pet me, but on my terms and my terms only.  I don’t care that it’s 3 AM and you have to go to work in two hours.  I want you to scratch behind my ears and I want it now.  No?  Well then, I see those toes and they look like they could use a good attack.

You’re playing FarmVille on the computer?  Let me see how close I can get to the screen!  Trying to work a puzzle?  Not on my time! 

I swear, these cats know what they are doing.  It’s not by chance that they show up for love and affection when we’re in the middle of something.

Ha! Cuddle time? I think not!

Because you know what happens later that evening?  You’re on the couch watching a movie, ready to cuddle your cat, and she’s nowhere to be found.  Or, if she is a Master of Cattitude, she’ll make like she’s headed right to you when you call her, oh what a good kitty you are!  And then …she bolts.

Don’t tell me it doesn’t happen to you.  The worst part is when she gets to the doorway and looks back at you with her look of disdain.  How dare you think you could call me like I’m a … dog! 

I would say that I think that they are born with Cattitude, but kittens are so sweet, cuddly, and loveable that it must be a behaviour that comes in their pre-teen years, much like our human offspring.  Regardless, we’ll keep doing their bidding; day and night, like the peon’s that we are.




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