What Is Your Pet Really Thinking When You See The WTF Face?

When was the last time you completely misread the facial expression of a family member?  Like the time your Aunt Sally’s face curled up into a sour “WTF?” puss – the whiskers on her chin adding to the effect – just as you pulled your turkey tetrazzini from the oven. Assuming she was reacting to the acrid wafting aroma you discreetly dumped the casserole into the outside garage bin. Then you ordered a pizza.

Only later did you find out that the face was caused, not by your cooking, but by the sight of your Uncle Jerry attempting to sniff his toes before pulling on his black socks and sandals.

Our self-centered misreading of faces isn’t limited to humans. Any family member’s face can be misinterpreted, even the most precious expressions of our furry babies.  Was your cat saying “WTF?” when you brought home your new boyfriend or was there something fishier on her mind? Did the dog say “WTF?” when he cocked his head in confusion last week after the hairdresser mangled your haircut?

In these ten photos below we will decipher the real meaning behind your furry friends’ “WTF?” expressions.  And what they are saying might be just as surprising as your Aunt Sally’s sister’s choice in a husband.

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