PawLife’s Picks For The Best Dog Shaming Moments

Have you ever come home from a long day of work, only to find that your beloved canine friend has destroyed your favorite pair of shoes?  Or maybe your little prince or princess took all of the trash out of your trash can and threw it around the house.  Most of us have experienced some sort of situation where our dog has done something he or she was NOT supposed to do!


To get “even” with them, many of us have turned to dog shaming. A phenomenon across the Internet where pet parents are photographing their dogs and showcasing the mess they made, along with some sort of funny caption.  Is it crazy to think that this dog shaming act will in some way make our dog stop and think before he pulls all the toilet paper off the roll?  Yes, but all the LOLs, Likes and Shares are worth it.

The staff at PawLife has put together a list of our favorites.  We hope these make you LOL.

















































































































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