Not To Be Missed! Awkward Family Pet Photos


From the first pictures scratched onto cavern walls by Paleolithic man to the latest crowd-sourced upload of family portrait awkwardness, humans have desired to document their experiences. Current technology has switched that sharing to hyperdrive and it seems we’re all trying to snap and share our version of the perfect family photo.

Getting the flawless family photograph can be difficult when it involves only humans, but the awkwardness expands exponentially when you add a beloved family pet. Just like children, we all think our pets are the cutest but proving that to the world can be a Herculean feat.

Even after you’ve spent six months teaching your dog to smile on command you never know what unexpected event might happen during a family photo with Fido and Fluffy! From horses rearing to dogs attacking these moments quickly escalate from perfect to perfectly wild.

But as you will see from the photos here, the desire for the ideal photo is as old as pride itself. And the subject matter hasn’t gotten any weirder. Humans love their best friends, whether they are furry, feathered, scaly, domesticated or… other.

Although, truthfully, who are we to judge the animals that a family loves? From the typical domesticated cats and dogs all the way to pythons, horses, and even an anteater we scoured the internet and found the ten most awkward family photos with their beloved pets. Enjoy!


The dogs tried to warn them to not wear white after Labor Day!












Barkly had waited patiently for five dog years to finally get revenge on Johnny!


Just don’t drop the baby!


Mom’s fist is clenched just in case Henry gets feisty


Mom, you look beautiful but an anteater? Why? How?


Sally’s actually upset because they wouldn’t let her wear her yellow dress to match Snakey.


Polly always resented that she was named after the bird.


He who smelt it, dealt it!


Grandpa always was so proud of how cheaply he got Mee Maw’s thoroughbred.


This smile if more intriguing than Mona Lisa’s



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