How You Can Celebrate National Seeing Eye Guide Dog Birthday

January 29, 1929, Nashville, TN

It has been a long time since that first seeing eye dog school opened on the 29th of January back in 1929. Nashville, TN was home to that first school and seeing eye dogs are now being utilized all over the world.

Today, these amazing canines do much more than help the visually impaired. The versatility of these incredible dogs is evidenced by the various services they perform. These beautiful animals are used in such capacities as mobility assistance and PTSD dogs among many other things. seeing eye guide dog

A Historical Date for Man and Dog Alike

The seeing eye guide dog birthday reminds us that these animals have meant to so many.  In celebrating this milestone, we should take a moment to consider if we have something to contribute.

Many people choose to become volunteers. Training centers for guide dogs are non-profits which means they rely on donations and volunteers. Looking up the nearest seeing eye dog center in your area is the first step to finding out more about becoming involved and becoming a volunteer.

Getting Involved: A Rewarding Experience

There can’t be many things more rewarding than sharing in the growth and learning of puppy as it grows into a dog, only to watch that animal go on to become a lifeline for someone else. Simply knowing that you were part of giving a dog a real purpose in life while giving someone else a better life must be an awesome experience. These animals and in particular those dogs that serve others in so many ways deserve to be celebrated. Happy birthday to all those service dogs and thank you for being our best friend.



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